Saturday, 20 January 2007

I'm back

Saturday 20th

Good long slow ride today, I was out with the dulwichparagon splinter cell, Pissing down as we set off this soon eased but returned just in time to soak us as we climbed brasted, The ride included the joys of Woldingham,Ide, and Brasted, Not really hills,,,I only call it a hill if i have to drop down from the big ring,

Ride facts

Distance kms 92kms
Ave speed 21.5kph
Duration 5hr 11mins
Cals burned 3954
Ascent 1180metres
ave heart rate 151 bpm
ave cadence 71 rpm
punctures 1
pain au choc 1
cadburys picnic 1
1/2 can of diet coke 1
wet arsehole 1


H. said...

Its lovely to see you`r back. Where did you go to ? Are we signed up for this 12hr yet coz I`ve been putting in the (cold) miles

H. said...

Oh and sorry Ronnie, - forgot to add `you fat old B`stard`, get on that bike and shed the Lard

Ronniethescot said...

Not signed up yet!! i will look into it, when you coming out on a group ride?

H. said...

Definately Sunday week. Meanwhile am in training for a medal in a sport I`m naturally endowed for !

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