Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Its been a busy 6 months

The last 6 months have seen many changes for me.

From 16st to 13st yes that's right 104kgs to 87kgs.
From one peaceful little baby bear to one peaceful little baby bear and one naughty little toddler yes that's right 2 baby's bears now.

From a slow fat fucker on a flash bike to a slow fat fucker on a flash bike yes that's right no change.

From 261 watts 20 min ave power to 321 watts 20 ave power.

From working 60 hrs per week to watching Jeremy Kyle and homes under the hammer.

From struggling to change brake blocks to having a small cycle workshop.

So what next ???? I always said if I could get under 87kgs I would start to race, So my main plan is to pick up a couple of KGs!!!!!!

No I'm going to take a couple of months off then hopefully start training then racing the winter series at hillingdon with the view to doing a few more races and the Marmotte 2010

1st wheel in under 1hr

Mia is getting big and cheeky

16st 4lbs August 08 more chunk than hunk( still got the wife up the duff)

13st 8lbs March 09 training in Wales for the dragon ride(I'm the good-looking one in the middle)

2 baby bears

Winter training