Saturday, 27 January 2007

Cracking ride

Distance kms 93kms
Ave speed 22.9kph
Duration 4hr 41mins
Cals burned 3673
Ascent 1180metres
ave heart rate 153 bpm
ave cadence 75 rpm
ave temp 6 c
min temp 0
punctures 0
pain au choc 0
cadburys picnic
can of diet coke 2
cramp wee bit right thigh
left 8-22am
returned 1.03pm

Really good ride today, pretty much the same route as last Saturday, done Westerham hill instead of Brasted, Lovely crisp winters day with no wind, not much mud on the roads, good group of 6 guys, no punctures, no moaning and no shooting off the front, Upped my cadence a bit, also nudged up the ave speed a bit, all in all a cracking ride.

Only 1 photo today, burgh beech reservoir Kent in the back-ground

YEAH YEAH I fucking wish!!!

Foot of duex alpes July 06

Friday, 26 January 2007

Its been a good week (so far)

So far so good, i should clock up over 300kms this week, I have cycled to/from work 3 times this week 45kmx3 =135 all on the fixie, I'm starting to really enjoy riding the fixie. No polar sensors on it, been trying to pick up a speed and cadence sensor of ebay no joy yet, If anybody has a speed+cadence sensor for s-series polar HRM get in touch

Going out early on Saturday with a few friends from Dulwichparagon 90-100kms, I'm going to work on my cadence try and getting it up a few RPM, I'm still only putting in the slow miles, feeling good for it.

Sunday i plan to head down to the Surrey hills on my own for 80-90kms, avec mp3 I have stuck loads of music on to my Ipod, mostly 90's indie stuff that i havent listened to in ages, stone roses, definitely maybe, parklife, all change, moseley shoals etc etc, Plus a couple of new albums, Razorlight,Jamie T,Klaxons, Tokyo police club.

My cycling calender is filling up fast, so far

  • March 6 days cycling/training around Nice, watching the last 2 stages of Paris-Nice
  • May Gran fondo felice Gimondi
  • June Gran fondo campag
  • July cycling/watching TDF in the Alps
  • August Cycling/holiday South of France? avec wife

    Will try and take a couple of pictures this weekend when out riding

    Have a good weekend


Saturday, 20 January 2007

I'm back

Saturday 20th

Good long slow ride today, I was out with the dulwichparagon splinter cell, Pissing down as we set off this soon eased but returned just in time to soak us as we climbed brasted, The ride included the joys of Woldingham,Ide, and Brasted, Not really hills,,,I only call it a hill if i have to drop down from the big ring,

Ride facts

Distance kms 92kms
Ave speed 21.5kph
Duration 5hr 11mins
Cals burned 3954
Ascent 1180metres
ave heart rate 151 bpm
ave cadence 71 rpm
punctures 1
pain au choc 1
cadburys picnic 1
1/2 can of diet coke 1
wet arsehole 1

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New years day

Distance kms 80.6
Ave speed 22.5kph
Duration 4hr 11mins
Cals burned 2954
Ascent 780metres
ave heart rate 144 bpm
ave cadence 72 rpm
punctures 1

meet up with dulwichparagon, good ride, not very fast but i'm starting to feel better, good crisp winters day, no rain, done star hill for the 1st time, good way to come back from pilgrams way,,,, stiff headwind from west wickham home.