Sunday, 31 December 2006


30/12 Dulwich saturday ride plus a bit
Distance 60kms
Ave speed 21.5kph
Duration 2hr 53mins
Cals burned 2200
Ascent 1050metres

Set off about 8-30, done a couple of extra hills then met up with the dulwichparagon Saturday ride, out on the tricross, loads of punctures luckily I managed to evade the puncture fairy for a change
Good ride, starting to feel a little bit better, Planning to get out tomorrow if the weather is decent.

Happy new year


Thursday, 28 December 2006

Crimbo rides

25/12 Stranraer
Distance 45kms
Ave speed 28.5kph
Duration 1hr 53mins
Cals burned 1640
Ascent 350metres
Craig caffie climb 14-40

Cracking ride, first time out on the Isaac in months, Felt really good, mostly on small country/farm roads. Took my camera, fitted new battery's,,,,,,,,,,,but left the memory card in the card reader back in London"TWAT"

28/12 South London/Kent
Distance 79kms
Ave speed 20.4(slow)
Duration 4hrs 4 mins
Cals burned 3004
Ascent 900 metres
punctures 1

Went out with a couple of friends from dulwich paragon, GT, Gammy leg Ken, Damian,,,, the plan was to do the short "ride of the falling leaves" backwards, which is pretty much what we done, Pilgrim's way being the highlight, Titsy hill being the low point,,,, fuck its much harder than i remembered, I had a touch of cramp on the way up, I would of stopped but i could hear GT's belly slapping against his top tube from behind,,,,,, Oh the joy it would of given him to ride past me!! Gammy leg Ken dropped us all on most of the climbs,,,, not bad for a guy who is half a leg short of a pair.

I had a puncture after only 10 mins,,, Managed to fix this no problem, I wasn't looking forward to using valve extenders on the road-side, but no major fuss to report

Stopped in a GB cycles on the way home, The 20% of everything was very tempting,,,, The 2007 specailized bikes look good, Also the new Derosa idol made the end of my wullie tingle.

Will spesh sell the roubaix/tarmac in world champs colours this year???I could be very tempted

Couple more rides planned before I go back to work.

Take care, happy riding


Wednesday, 27 December 2006


Its back from Scotland

Stripped and cleaned

New wheels fitted

The Isaac is a back

If you see this bike being ridden by some skinny racing whippet

Its most likely been stolen.

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Pure Baltic!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Well

My planned 80-100kms turn into a leisurely 46kms, in Baltic like weather conditions,,,,, Ok thats a bit OTT but it was fucking cold up around Downe/Cudham.

i went out with Dulwich Parargon saturday ride, I'm a big fan of the DP saturday ride, Plenty of people I know go out on this ride. Its a great ride for people who have never been out with a club before, its more of a social pace than training ride, really friendly bunch, no dickwavers,,,,,, but a severe lack of Fanny " why are there so few good looking women cycling???? answers on the back of an old Christmas card please

It was good to just get out and ride again, I rode my spesh tricross, it really is a great winter bike,,,,,, 35 layers of Assos kit all most blocked the cold out.

Whilst out GT declared he also plan's to lose about 2stone/15kgs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear if he turns up in July 15kgs lighter than me, i'm jacking it in,,,, Back to golf for Ronniethescot " at least there is the odd bit of half decent fanny on the fairways nowadays"

Happy Crimbo everybody

ave 22kph
600ms climbed
1800cals burned

Thursday, 21 December 2006

New wheels

My new wheels are here, just in time for crimbo
I will get some pictures up over the christmas break, planning to get out on a long slow on Saturday, 80/100kms from crystal palace, I also plan to get out for a couple of hours on Christmas day (i might even try and get a couple of pictures), I will be in the land of the Gods and Greats, hopefully it will not be too windy, the wind is a massive pain in the arse up there, something that you never really think of when riding in Kent or Surrey

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

My phone she dead

My phone she dead!!!!!!!!!

OK so how long can a modern man last without a mobile phone?