Saturday, 27 January 2007

Cracking ride

Distance kms 93kms
Ave speed 22.9kph
Duration 4hr 41mins
Cals burned 3673
Ascent 1180metres
ave heart rate 153 bpm
ave cadence 75 rpm
ave temp 6 c
min temp 0
punctures 0
pain au choc 0
cadburys picnic
can of diet coke 2
cramp wee bit right thigh
left 8-22am
returned 1.03pm

Really good ride today, pretty much the same route as last Saturday, done Westerham hill instead of Brasted, Lovely crisp winters day with no wind, not much mud on the roads, good group of 6 guys, no punctures, no moaning and no shooting off the front, Upped my cadence a bit, also nudged up the ave speed a bit, all in all a cracking ride.

Only 1 photo today, burgh beech reservoir Kent in the back-ground

YEAH YEAH I fucking wish!!!

Foot of duex alpes July 06

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