Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Ok I'm back for real this time!!!

Ok 2009 is almost here, the last couple of months I have been back in the saddle, Its been slow,,,really slow 23/24kph ave speed sort of rides.

2009 and its LEJOG via Ireland for me!!! 19th July I will leave Lands end and make my way to JOG via Ireland, its looking like almost 2000kms in 10 days.

I have also signed up for the dragon ride, and planning to get a few other events in before LEJOG,,, La marmotte would be my first choice but at 102kgs, 5000ms of climbing is a pipe dream

Keep reading I will be posting this year!!


Friday, 22 August 2008

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I've haven't posted in ages, been a busy year for me, Baby, pram,breast pumps etc,etc

I can honestly say I didnt miss the riding, It was great to wake up, scratch my balls and turn back over and not have to worry abou keeping up with that fat fucker GT

so whats the plan??????? not really sure, try and get back into some sort of shape, plenty of long slow rides over the winter, then plan my 2009,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thinking GF Felice Giamondi, GF Campag, maybe a bit of touring"route des grande alpes" would love to spend a week with the bike in the great lakes.

And I'm still as good looking x x x x x

Monday, 24 March 2008

The end

Cycling is so last year!! Gardening is the new rock n roll