Wednesday, 30 December 2009

For sale carbon frameset

Another plug to sell some more gear, this time its a carbon frameset for a bargain £300 see the link below for further details

Monday, 30 November 2009

LED Mountain Bike Light 900 LUMEN Lithium battery UK seller


I have been selling these on eBay

For sale here is a brillaint Brand new mountain/road/touring bike light set. It is very similar to many of the top end lights in design but has no band name. The output of 900 lumens is by far enough for off-road night riding. Similar lights from well known manufacturers will cost you £250

I have been using this set up for 2 months now, off road MTBing up around Leith hill, It's LUSH nothing comes close to it for the money. I was using a dinotte L200 before, This light is streets ahead.

Burning times are
3hrs on full 900 lumen's
4.5hrs on 450 lumen's
Comes with USA plug

These lights are great, If you are interested get in touch ronniegallacher"AT"
£85 which includes special delivery postage, Can usually post the next day.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Winter Training

Winter starts again today, Took the titanium out to windsor and back tonight, Decent long, slow ride. stats are
distance 71km
ave speed 28.9
cals 2300
ave heart 153BPM

Monday, 27 July 2009

Great bike handling

A true bit of skill, many other riders would of dropped there bikes. This guy manages to keep a well focused and clear mind on the job in hand

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Guilty pleasure

I went out on the mighty DPNC ride today,,,, Its a mixed bag for me, always a really friendly bunch, plenty of banter, get to ride with old friends, And burn off a shit load of calories,,,,Then on the flip side, a 4hr ride means being out the house for 6 hrs, normally takes about 1hr to get over there and the same to get back, sometimes I ride back, but its a shit ride back via croydon, sutton, cheam all in the mid day traffic(chavaramma),,,, Its a slow ride never more than 26/27kph ave, lots of junk miles ,just sitting in the bunch talking shit, low power output, low heart rate etc etc,,,,, But I can't knock it, I really enjoy going out on this ride as I have made many friends . And sold a ton of cycling gear to half of them!!!!

Todays stats

99.7 kms

26 kph ave

1100m elevation gain

Power ave 169 5min best 313 10min 276 30min 212 1hr 199

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Dropped quicker than a size 16 model

I decided to have a shot at the Dulwichparagon womens/beginners chaingang last night!!!! What a kick in the balls, no women or beginners,,,,, ideally I was hoping for a load of size 8, early 20's decent fanny.

Even with the lack of quality fanny on show I thought fuck it, I will still go out and ask some of the younger lads if there sisters might come along next week.

We set off at a steady pace, after a shocking 20 minutes I was fucked, after 32 minutes I was heading home!!!!! I truly have no idea what went wrong, Just never had any gas in the tank, ?????? I have done very little riding over the last 6 weeks and picked up a wee bit of weight????? So basically I'm a fat fucker who needs to ride more

Stats for the ride are
14.2 kms
power ave 252
weight 89.2kgs

I will have another bash next week, Try and get a bit further, and get a few more digits/stats from the ride.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Its been a busy 6 months

The last 6 months have seen many changes for me.

From 16st to 13st yes that's right 104kgs to 87kgs.
From one peaceful little baby bear to one peaceful little baby bear and one naughty little toddler yes that's right 2 baby's bears now.

From a slow fat fucker on a flash bike to a slow fat fucker on a flash bike yes that's right no change.

From 261 watts 20 min ave power to 321 watts 20 ave power.

From working 60 hrs per week to watching Jeremy Kyle and homes under the hammer.

From struggling to change brake blocks to having a small cycle workshop.

So what next ???? I always said if I could get under 87kgs I would start to race, So my main plan is to pick up a couple of KGs!!!!!!

No I'm going to take a couple of months off then hopefully start training then racing the winter series at hillingdon with the view to doing a few more races and the Marmotte 2010

1st wheel in under 1hr

Mia is getting big and cheeky

16st 4lbs August 08 more chunk than hunk( still got the wife up the duff)

13st 8lbs March 09 training in Wales for the dragon ride(I'm the good-looking one in the middle)

2 baby bears

Winter training