Sunday, 15 July 2007

To join or not to join????

I went out on the London Dynamo park ride on Saturday, Which is a lot closer and easier than getting over to Crystal Palace to join up with guys from dulwichparagon, Not sure what to do!!! unlike Dulwich they are not to keen on people turning up regularly without joining (£40 membership) which i guess is fair enough,,,,,,,, I might go out with them again next Saturday, then decide when the fat fucker GT gets back from Nice, reckons he is beating all my times on a the climbs around Nice, So i have just booked a flight, I cant have that fat fucker giving me grief for the rest of the summer, Not only are his shoes more BLING than mine, he can now beat me up the madonne and col d'eze.

Ride facts from Saturday

Out on the chinky import(need to buy some sensors for the polar) so very few digits!!!

Distance kms 42.1
Ave speed 29.7kph
Duration 1hr 24mins
Cals burned 1570
ave heart rate 171 bpm-max 194bpm

Heart rate is mega high??? I didn't feel too bad, Almost 30kph ave speed on the chinky import(pleased with that) , short but enjoyable ride.

Great to watch the tour today, roll on Tuesday,,,, when the fuck is summer gonna turn up?

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