Monday, 9 July 2007

The building has started

So far so good, I'm building it up with a dura ace 10 speed "shock horror" triple groupset, using frogs legs brakes, have gone for an ITM vista cyclo cross fork, Bars n stem are bonty race x lite, seat post is a spesh carbon, and a Ti flite saddle, No problems fitting anything yet, frogs legs are much easier the second time, the same goes for Nokon cables, Waiting on some cable stops from wiggle, Royal mail have lost my parcel!!!!! More like some work shy cunt still has it in the back of his van.

Cracking tour so far.


1 comment:

Omar said...

looks good, still reckon a litespeed p1sses all over it though! But then I might be biased.
Like the branding by the way.