Saturday, 23 December 2006

Pure Baltic!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Well

My planned 80-100kms turn into a leisurely 46kms, in Baltic like weather conditions,,,,, Ok thats a bit OTT but it was fucking cold up around Downe/Cudham.

i went out with Dulwich Parargon saturday ride, I'm a big fan of the DP saturday ride, Plenty of people I know go out on this ride. Its a great ride for people who have never been out with a club before, its more of a social pace than training ride, really friendly bunch, no dickwavers,,,,,, but a severe lack of Fanny " why are there so few good looking women cycling???? answers on the back of an old Christmas card please

It was good to just get out and ride again, I rode my spesh tricross, it really is a great winter bike,,,,,, 35 layers of Assos kit all most blocked the cold out.

Whilst out GT declared he also plan's to lose about 2stone/15kgs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear if he turns up in July 15kgs lighter than me, i'm jacking it in,,,, Back to golf for Ronniethescot " at least there is the odd bit of half decent fanny on the fairways nowadays"

Happy Crimbo everybody

ave 22kph
600ms climbed
1800cals burned

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