Thursday, 23 July 2009

Dropped quicker than a size 16 model

I decided to have a shot at the Dulwichparagon womens/beginners chaingang last night!!!! What a kick in the balls, no women or beginners,,,,, ideally I was hoping for a load of size 8, early 20's decent fanny.

Even with the lack of quality fanny on show I thought fuck it, I will still go out and ask some of the younger lads if there sisters might come along next week.

We set off at a steady pace, after a shocking 20 minutes I was fucked, after 32 minutes I was heading home!!!!! I truly have no idea what went wrong, Just never had any gas in the tank, ?????? I have done very little riding over the last 6 weeks and picked up a wee bit of weight????? So basically I'm a fat fucker who needs to ride more

Stats for the ride are
14.2 kms
power ave 252
weight 89.2kgs

I will have another bash next week, Try and get a bit further, and get a few more digits/stats from the ride.

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