Monday, 12 February 2007

January over

Well January is now over, Training wise it went fine, plenty of long slow miles,,, The last couple of weeks the weather was a pain in the arse, My last 4 rides I have got soaked, Also got snowed on twice
I have dropped 3 KG's since crimbo, So well on track for a total loss of about 12kgs for the gran fondo campag mid June

On Thursday 15th feb it's all change, It will be my last day working for the bank, And i will fly to Cape Town in the evening for the wedding on Sunday,,,, Rest assured i will be trying my hardest to get a free upgrade from the airline, last time i used the line"were off to get married" it worked a treat!!!!
The divorce was messy but flying 1st class was a right fuckin touch!!.

I had planned to get my 1st sowing of the year done before i headed off,,,, But the cunts at Thompson and Morgan are so fucking slow at dispatching orders i had to cancel my order, They managed to take the money from my card in 2 minutes,,, but posting 2kgs of seed potatoes within 4 weeks was to much of a challenge for them,,,,,,,,, gardeners beware Thompson and Morgan are fucking shit!!!

On a brighter note i have done about 250kms on my new bike(look 595) So far so good, It feels very stiff and pretty responsive, looking forward to taking it to France in March, I will be able to report how it feels on longer rides with plenty of climbing and fast descending, It fit's into a bike case no problem.

Hopefully my next post will be from SA.

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Mark Liversedge said...

Congrats on the wedding. You'll never buy another flash bike again ;-)